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MKU joins 1,200 global institutions in partnership with UN

by James Wakahiu @PeeopleDailyKe MKU has joined over 1,200 institutions in more than 120 countries working with the United Nations (UN) to promote global priorities, including peace, human rights and sustainable development.

This comes after a successful application by MKU for membership to the UN Academic Impact (UNAI) and goes a long way towards raising the global visibility of MKU’s impact in the education sector.

The membership enables MKU to provide an annual report to be shared on the UN Academic Impact database where all the member universities indicate what they have accomplished every year towards education for public good. Speaking during MKU’s 13th Graduation ceremony last weekend, MKU Chancellor, Prof Victoria Wells Wulsin, said the institution is empowering graduates through mindset change from being jobseekers to being job creators.

“This has so far been done through the Graduate Enterprise Academy (GEA) under the patronage of the chairman of the board, Dr Simon Gicharu,” she said.

Family Bank has partnered with MKU in the project since inception in 2013 through training of the beneficiaries as well as providing financial support. Family Bank CEO, Dr David Mwangi is spearheading the programme under the Family Bank Business Club where the graduates will receive free mentoring from the Family Bank for one full year effective November, said Prof Wulsin.

Further, MKU has partnered with Leuphana University of Germany where MKU is included in the development of funding proposals sent by the European institution to various donors. The funding has enabled 12 members of Staff from MKU to be trained as Certified Trainers of the famous Students Training on Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP).

The unique aspect of STEP is that, during the 12 weeks of training, the 200 students will receive Sh400,000 ($4,000) in groups of five to practise the business concepts to be taught “using real money, in real business, and in real time”. “After training, students will return the seed capital and keep their profits as they register their businesses,” she said.

The chancellor told MKU students to also take advantage of the strong partnership between MKU and Vincent Pol University of Poland so that they can benefit from exchange programmes. MKU Vice Chancellor, Prof Stanley Waudo said the institution has established Open, Distance and Electronic Learning (ODEL) Centres in Malindi, Kericho, Nyeri and recently at Kigali Campus in Rwanda. “The centres are well-complemented by the MKU Digital Varsity,” he said.

Meanwhile, MKU founder Dr Gicharu says the university has differed with the recently passed controversial bill requiring all institutions within Kiambu County to hire 70 per cent of their staff from the local community.

Dr Gicharu said the move will disintegrate Kenyans, further entrench the culture of tribalism and is against the spirit of devolution, which seeks to unite Kenyans in their diversities. Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has openly said that he wants to ensure that Kenyatta University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) will have Vice Chancellors (VC) from the local community.

“My VC Professor Stanley Waudo I would like to assure you that your job is safe,“ insisted Gicharu, adding that unlike other counties that are talking about rationalising local jobs, his positions is secure despite the fact that he comes from Kakamega county. “Leaders should allow people to move around and do away with stereotypes about tribes.

Sincerely if you are born in your local area, go to school in the same area, attend university in the same area and work in the same area, you will not appreciate what the rest of Kenya has to offer,” said Gicharu.

Rebranding He insisted that leaders should come up with policies that promote national integration, which cannot be achieved by localising jobs. “The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation,” he said. Gicharu said the university was attaining 10 years since they became a fully fledged institution.

The institution is rebranding its motto from Scaling the Heights of Education to Unlocking Infinite Possibilities.“We are going to rebrand because we believe in our potential look down on our individual abilities,” he said.

He thanked the government for sending 3,700 students to MKU and assured everyone that the university will give them the best education.Over 5,000 graduands including Kajiado deputy governor Martin Moshisho graduated.

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