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My wish this season is to be a queen of my life

From when I was a child, I always imagined that one day I would be rich and famous. Even now, I sometimes entertain the thought of fame and fortune falling upon me miraculously. I picture myself appearing on popular talk shows and having banks jostling for me to bank my riches with them and to give me credit cards. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as rich and famous as I imagine I could be one day.

Recently though, as I was considering the wonder of Christmas season, it occurred to me that fame and fortune was nowhere in the imagination of baby Jesus. I wondered whether what matters to me is for people to be talking about me and following my teachings thousands of years after I depart from this world or to live in copious luxury for the few years that I am here. I have to admit that making the choice between these two was no easy task, but I had to choose to follow the example of Jesus.

I noticed that Jesus being who He was actually lived here on Earth as King of His Kingdom. Those of us who believe Him consider Him the King of the universe. In much the same way I too I’m a queen. Queen of what you might ask? Well, queen of my life. I am the one who makes the choices and decisions that create my world. I choose to work, I choose my friends, I choose how to eat and whether to exercise, how to spend my time, whether or not to mingle and so on. To me, these are important decisions, some of which I even need help with. I could easily make a foolish decision such as taking excess alcohol and attempting to drive and find myself in a situation that I can never imagine.

When I looked at my life as a queendom and understood that in fact, there is nobody in the universe who could ever occupy the position of being queen of me other than me, I felt liberated. I remembered that Jesus said that whomever He sets free is free indeed and I understood how that works. Using the example of His life and applying it to mine, I was free to imagine myself as all that and much more in a world that I created and continue to create for myself.

It’s true that I get all the attention and everything good that comes with being me. Sadly, there are many who ignore and neglect themselves as they seek attention and goodness in the worlds created by others. This season, may we all realise that we are the Kings and Queens of our worlds and carry ourselves as such.

The writer is a lawyer and a blogger.


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