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US rejects Raila swearing-in, calls for talks

Robin Obino @obinorobin

The United States has urged Opposition leader Raila Odinga to shelve plans to swear himself in as the “people’s president” saying doing so will derail the country’s development.

In a live teleconference briefing from Washington yesterday, Principal Deputy Secretary of the US Government’s Bureau of African Affairs, Donald Yamamoto said the only way towards solving the country’s underlying issues is dialogue.

“Kenya has the potential of becoming a development hub not only regionally but also in Africa. But this can only be done if the situation in the country was in before the protracted elections is restored,” he said.

He warned of dire consequences for the country’s top leadership if they will fail to engage in consultative dialogue with the aim of uniting the country. The National Super Alliance (Nasa) leader insists that plans to be sworn in as the “people’s president” are still on course even after putting them on hold on December 12.

Raila had on November 28, the day President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in, told his supporters that he would be sworn in. Yamamoto said Raila’s swearing-in plans bordered on incitement.

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