Wrangles threaten split in Luo Council of Elders

George Odiwuor @PeopleDailyKe

Leadership wrangles have bedeviled the Luo Council of Elders as some called for a dissolution of rival groups. A section of elders from Homa Bay want the two conflicting groups, led by Willis Otondi and Nyandiko Ongadi, dissolved to enable the community have a well organised leadership.

Homa Bay elders chairman Odak Mbaka, want the rival camps disbanded and a fresh election called. He expressed fears that influential politicians have infiltrated the council’s leadership and has caused division among the elders.

“There should be a fresh election after the two rival groups are dissolved. We need a team that can unite Luos,” said Mbaka. Speaking to journalists yesterday, he added that leadership rivalry between Otondi and Ongadi is likely to tear apart the community.

“Luo elders need to speak in one voice. It is unfortunate that the rival groups fight over different issues misleading the community,” he said. Mbaka who was accompanied by Rangwe sub county council chairman Ogola Nyambere said they recognise Otondi as the bona fide leader of the council.

“Let us join hands to unite the Luo community. and we need to conduct fresh elections,” he added. When contacted for comments, both Otondi and Ongadi dismissed the calls for elections and claimed to be the rightful chairpersons of the council.

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