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Ways to enjoy Christmas alone

Christmas is associated with spending time with family and friends. It’s hard spending the holidays alone. Faith Kyoumukama compiles a few things you can do that will get that jolly cheer back

1. Team up with nature

There’s something about being one with nature that makes even the Grinch look as cuddly as the Easter Bunny or full of wonder like Mr Claus. Just a stroll through Safari Walk or Giraffe Centre will leave you feeling merry. You can also do a drive or a mini vacay — just something that gives you a thing or two to be grateful for.

2. Catch up on a movie, a book or album

If you’re not feeling too outdoorsy, crack open a book and curl up as you dig into a chapter. You can also catch a movie or a series, something festive such as the classic Home Alone will put you in a great mood. And as for music, well, Grace VanderWaal’s debut album would be just right!

3. Host a party

What’s better than hosting a party for all your friends riding solo this Christmas! Misery loves company (okay, maybe not the best sentiment), but friends and booze equals happy holidays!

4. Volunteer

The holidays are a great time to give back. You can visit a children’s home and help out — hanging out with the children will lift up your spirits. You can also donate foodstuffs and clothes and give Santa a ran for his sack.

5. Treat thy taste buds

Try that restaurant you’ve wanted to go. Try out new cuisines. Make every hour happy hour — you might just end up making the right connection and sparking a conversation with a stranger.

6. Get creative

With time on your hands, the holidays may just be what you need to finally learn how to bake, make a pot roast, eggnog, knit (or not); something that gets your mind active and out of a funk.

7. Reward yourself

Christmas is about gifts. Fine, there are other more important things, luckily for you, they also include gifting. And while it’s great to get the ones you love something that let’s them know you appreciate them, get yourself a lil’ something as well. It could be that new phone you’ve been eyeing or even a home spa kit.

8. Talk, talk and talk

It’s easy to wonna hide out and spend each waking moment wallowing. However, holidays are all about sharing. So, pick up the phone and call the people in your life just to let them know you are thinking of them. It’s not good to close yourself off.

9. Pamper yourself

Go for a complete facial, or a mani-pedi; treat yourself to extra TLC. Not only will this leave you more relaxed, but you’ll be in a better and more festive mood.

10. Go for Christmas carols

What trumps a Christmas playlist? Carols. So make an effort to learn where they are hosting Christmas carols and attend one or two. Not only will this lift your spirits, but there is nothing more magical than standing candles in hand singing O Holy Night.

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