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Make your baby’s first Christmas magical

Your baby’s first Christmas is an incredibly special time. Not only is it a great excuse to buy a cute festive outfit for them, it’s a chance to introduce the magic back into Christmas. Here are some brilliant ideas on making your baby’s first Christmas one to remember.

Make photo Christmas cards

Celebrate your first Christmas with a newborn by using a photo of your baby on your Christmas cards. You can create some beautiful cards or get a graphics designer to do the hard copies if you are sending invitation cards to friends and family. The photos on the cards could be assorted featuring the baby’s face, feet, little hands and of course make them perfect by using a good camera, backdrops and lighting.

Baby themed Christmas tree

Make a special Christmas tree decoration that will remind you each year of your baby’s first Christmas. Print tiny foot or handprints on hard paper, Christmas themed baby outfits and hang them on the Christmas tree.

Don’t spend a fortune

At this age, your baby does not know or care about presents. In fact, he will be far more interested in the wrapping paper. Or he would probably be asleep most of the day. Besides, he will also probably receive loads of gifts from family.

Christmas outfit for your baby Found at most baby shops, get your baby a super cute Christmas outfit. You could also look for hats, bibs or night gowns with ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ written on them to add to your Christmas keepsake collection.

Soak up the day

Christmas is often a blur of cooking, entertaining guests and all those chores that come with it. On your baby’s first Christmas, get your peace of mind and that of your child by just spending time with your little baby.

Host your party at another venue, get caterers or have other people help with the chores. That way, you’ll have more time for cuddles with your little one, so they enjoy the day as much as you.

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