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Meet William Njuguna aka Fly High is a contemporary artiste

William Njuguna aka Fly High is a contemporary artiste, whose music focus is on lifestyle and societal issues. In an interview, Wambui Virginia explores more on his music journey

Tell us about your background.

I was born and raised in Kangemi, Nairobi. My interest in music started while in primary school. Being raised by a single mum and having experienced numerous life struggles, I decided to speak of them through music. Music became my motivation and in 2005, it really started proper for me.

There was a time you took a break from music. What was it all about and how did it affect you musically?

Just as I had started in 2005, my mother passed on. It was difficult for me trying to balance life and music. So, I quit for two years. Within that time I was working with an entertainment company called Kenkana Entertainment as an events organiser. Through that job, I opened up my company, Fly Williams Entertainment. It has been in operation since then.

Tell us about your big break.

Since 2007, I have been working with different producers and recorded over 20 singles. In 2016, I released the single, Superman, inspired by my late mother. The song was positively received by my fans, who in turn wanted more from me. Earlier on this year, I released a couple of songs including Not Funny, World, Breathe and the latest Mapambano.

Mapambano has been receiving massive airplay. Tell us about the song and how it came to be.

Well, I had a gig I had organized. It was at that party that I met Todd Crane aka Korongo. He is a researcher in anthropology and has a passion for music. So, when he had me sing, he was interested in my music. After interacting with him, I decided to invite him for a studio session and that’s how Mapambano came to be. The song speaks about different life struggles and encouraging people not to give up in life.

You worked with producer Like Mike of Real Time Music. How was the experience?

I was introduced to Like Mike by DJ ZJ Passueri. In my music career spanning 12 years, I’ve worked with seven producers and I can say that Mike is such a talented producer. He has also worked with some A-list artistes such as Prezzo, Gabu and Stonee Njiwe among others. Working with him has been one of my best experiences. We clicked well and this really helped me to deliver the best way I could.

How would you describe you genre?

It’s contemporary. I am a flexible artiste. My music incorporates R&B, reggae and rap.

What are some of the challenges you face as a musician?

Financial challenges have been the greatest so far. It gets really costly to record a song and have a proper video out. To get your music right, you have to do quality work and all that demands a colossal amount of money. There are also promotional challenges. The music industry can be so hard to penetrate, but I am hopeful that with the right channels, I will make it.

Which Kenyan artistes would you like to work with?

I value every artiste and it would be my pleasure to work with every one of them. However, if I had the chance, working with Wyre, Redsan, Nyashinski, Sauti Sol and Vivian would cap my career.

Any project you are working on currently?

For now, I am working on releasing a few singles, which will include a single titled A Thousand Miles, which am collaborating with Korongo.

Which are some of your other future plans?

I plan on releasing an album soon and set up a studio in my hood Kangemi. I believe there’s a lot of untapped talent from the youth in the grassroots and I feel that I have to do something about it.

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