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Three things that destroy relationships

Waithera Otieno @loveNlust 69

Lying: The truth is, people lie. However, there are lies that are so significant, that they have no place in healthy relationships. When you discover that your sweetheart lied about past marriages, divorces and children, it can rock the foundation of your relationship.

There are other ‘smaller’ lies that are deadly in relationships. Do not lie about your age, family history, health status and financial situation, because relationships are all about openness and trust.

The bond in a healthy relationship can actually be strengthened if both partners are open to each other about their real life struggles. If you open up about something, and your partner leaves, consider it a favour, because then you know, that you weren’t meant to be together with them.

Unwillingness to take responsibility: Relationships can be fun.

However, sometimes, they need work. This is because relationships involve two people who may not always agree on everything, and who may step on each other’s toes once in a while.

When things go wrong, it’s because one or both partners are responsible for the situation. When one partner always attempts to dodge the bullet on their contribution to a problem, when they never want to accept that they are on the wrong, it’s a relationship red flag.

In a healthy relationship, both partners take responsibility for their actions and become better partners and lovers as the relationship grows, because they are learning lessons from their mistakes.

Disrespect: This may happen in many forms, such as, constant verbal abuse, playing mind games and degrading one’s partner. Ignoring one’s partner, being rude to them, and shaming them in private and in public is disrespectful. Sweethearts should be nice to each other. If you are nice to colleagues and neighbours, be nice to your sweetheart.

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