Sorry for leading you into ‘darkness’, Nasa MP says

Munira Mandano @PeopleDailyKe

Msambweni Member of National Assembly Suleiman Dori has led other Coast legislators in apologising to residents for leading them into political “darkness”.

He lamented that the National Super Alliance (Nasa) has failed to honour the people of Coast region and their leadership despite the overwhelming support they have given them through the years. He said the alliance has sidelined the Coast leaders while sharing slots in the parliamentary leadership.

“We are 27 Coast MPs elected in the Nasa coalition, we are leading in numbers followed by Nyanza but it is shocking that when reaping, some people go alone in the night,” he said. Dori said in the East African Legislative Assembly (Eala) representation, Nasa did not nominate anyone from the six coastal counties.

“Next time we are going to lead you where there will be benefits for all of us and that’s why, as the chair of Coast Parliamentary Group, I am apologising for leading you into darkness,” he said. He said they have been in the opposition for 25 years with no tangible benefits.

“Our importance in the coalition is not recognised, Raila Odinga should stand with the truth and with the people of Coast. In the two Houses of Parliament only three communities have been represented in the coalition leadership but Mijikenda have been left out” he added. He said they will fight for their rights failure to which they won’t put their support where they are being mocked.

He was speaking at Gazi Village during the prize-giving of Msambweni KCPE top performers. He was accompanied by MPs Peter Katana (Kaloleni), Ali Mbogo (Kisauni), Benjamin Tayari (Kinango) and Kassim Tandaza (Matuga). Katana said all leaders should come together to solve the problems that have faced the people of Coast especially land injustices.

“We have seen MCAs in Kiambu have passed a motion requiring that 70% of employees must come from that county, we are asking our MCAs to also pass a motion requiring the residents to benefit with 50% of our minerals and resources” he said.

Ali Mbogo said they are not going to be divided along political party lines but they will work together to ensure there is development in the region. He said they will unanimously support Khatib Mwashetani of Jubilee to be the Vice chair of parliament committee on land.

Their sentiments were echoed by Benjamin Tayari who said he will fight to see that the people of Kwale are benefiting from minerals extracted within the county.

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