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Go slow on the bottle this festive season

It is the time of the year to have fun. For many, alcohol is the other name for fun. However, the longtime impact of drinking can have negative effect on your health

Barry Silah @obel_barry

Clara Imonje, 29, has a routine every holiday, which is adhered to by the book. She meets with her friends and parties hard. Just like many Kenyans, Clara’s festive season is marked by over-indulgence, especially in food and drinks.

According to Nutritionist Kevin Omollo of Life Cycle, they handle many cases of people abusing food and alcohol during this season.

“Mainly, we hear of food poisoning because of mixing up too many drinks and overwhelming their systems. Other people end up with weak immune systems because of starving their bodies of important elements such as water and glucose,” he says.

Omollo also warns that too much alcohol in the long run not only damages the liver, but also affects sleep and concentration levels. For Clara’s case, she believes that letting loose and having some fun never hurts anyone. The accountant knows where to splurge her hard-earned money.

“My favourite place is Maasai Mara and we love to eat nyama choma and drink plenty of alcohol. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and so it cannot be so bad. People need to ease up, but of course watch out for abuse,” she says. To her credit, she ensures that her starch and protein uptake is measured and snacks avoided, save for groundnuts.


Robert Juma who runs a wines and spirits outlet in Lang’ata says during the Christmas season he clears up his stock. So far, he has sold about 25 per cent of his stocks, especially whisky and rum. He expects by Christmas he will have cleared his shelves.

A report on Health hub recommends that social drinkers need to understand the triggers and deal exclusively with the symptoms. Seeing as it is the most abused drug in the holiday season, people have been urged to be smart to avoid serious implications such as nausea.

“Everybody will be in a celebratory mood and the choice of many will be alcohol in the festive period. One needs to weigh what is best for the body as opposed to what is lusted and with short-term benefits,” says Omollo.

The implications of overindulgence in alcohol include heart and liver damage, fatigue, hallucinations, slurred speech and stomach upset. The symptoms that you may have taken more than you can handle include, irregular heartbeats, heavy sweating and nausea.

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