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Holiday fling? Two can play that game

If you’ve not been through it, chances are a friend or two have been. Well, I’m almost giving up on my friends. They’ve been through it enough times and every time it happens, I’m the one to deal with her mood swings, heartbreak, and endless fussing. But then again it happens and the cycle never ends.

“It might be real this time,” she assures every time and I comfortably roll my eyes and wait for the heartbreak. They don’t disappoint—these men! So, it’s November, and they hook up at a wedding and hit it off immediately.

No ‘wait three days to call’ mind games, just sincere attention. Probably, he calls every day since then. Takes her out for dinner often, and those random weekend plans (she’s out there vacaying somewhere)—God bless her soul.

His definite plus one to subsequent weddings that month. Even better, they were his date to his friend’s barbeques, the office Christmas party and yes, even the family get-togethers. What more could a girl ask for?

With her imaginary clock ticking. Then some mishaps here and there, but she’s too caught up in the holiday bliss to pay any attention. It’s official she’s dumped the very friend that gave her a shoulder to cry on.

On the other hand, she wonders why she had to wait until end year to meet Zee One (this one’s definitely not The One). It’s the daughters of Zion sessions, she thinks. Except it isn’t. I’d swear she’s ever a wreck after the holidays. January will come, and those frequent calls and messages will be just a memory.

The dinners and dates? Nadaar! That is when she’ll realise. It was all just a holiday fling. But if you’re sharp, these holiday flings can be consensual. Have fun, enjoy with no strings attached.

The signs are all there. He calls on Fridays when there’s a karandom holiday within the week. The calls start coming in somewhere around 5 o’clock and not one during the day. No serious dates, the dinners?

Relax mamaa, they’re just an appetiser to the bar. If you notice such tell-tales, January is too long and boring to nurse heartbreaks just flow. Two can play that game, so give it your all and, who knows, you might just break the game record!

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