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Hold tight graduates, this is just the genesis!

It was all jubilation and merriment in most campos last week after a huge number of students successfully divorced the 8-4-4 system they have been painfully married to for 16 years. Pictures were all over of folks throwing up their square academic caps while they, perhaps, cursed some lecturers who gave them hell.

They then joined village mates, who had travelled all the way from the rural area in a hired school bus, for the graduation ceremony! For some, it was a huge relief after completing their 10-6-9 education system!

I am talking of those souls who could not proceed to the next year without spinning and rewinding it (someone give me the ‘rewind selector’ Dj effect to acknowledge them!).

Those who were in ‘Third Year’ for six years! Anyway, whether 8-4-4 or the very unique 30-13-23 (it produced an MP in August), peeps still graduated and are now all over smearing Facebook with graduation pictures, hurling curses to the 8-4-4 system, saying how they are officially done like those who are still in it are doomed to insufferable disaster! Well, calm your heels and hold your horses lads and lasses!

Wearing that graduation gown doesn’t automatically make you the epitome of success in life. Some of y’all are busy raising your heads in pride talking all intellectual, feeling all educated and schooled as if you didn’t get a Third Class honours, but anyway, that is none of our business (sipping thabai).

Now, graduates, or senior members of the public as you are now calling yourself, it’s the high time you walk from the blissful world of fantasy that y’all in and come back to the glaring reality that is waiting with malicious intent! You guys are officially on a job searching mission!

All the CATs and assignments you ever did are nothing compared to the huge task ahead, especially those ‘third class graduates’ depriving Kenyans of their peace with blabs of how they have triumphed!

This task will see some of y’all trek the dusty roads and muddy paths of this country armed with envelops and a shoe brush in the pocket, covering long distances that will surpass the most travelled pastoralists! Then there is the legion of lazy brutes called double decker ninjas, who crept in hostel double deckers until Fourth Year.

The ‘comfort’ of not paying rent, water and electricity bills, is officially over! A beatitude in Fourth Year goes, “Happy are those who rent bedsitters and move out of hostels for their life shall be easier outside campus!”

For those who were too lazy waiting for their parents to pay their hostel bill and give them pocket money, now is time reality will sucker punch you because the niceties are over. Life has just began!

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