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Sport enthusiast – meet Milkah Kanchi

Sandra Wekesa

Tell us about yourself

My name is Milkah Kanchi, I am eight years old and the fourth and last-born in our family. I go to Kamiti Primary School, I can say I’m quite talented. You have an interesting name… (Giggles) Kanchi is my real name. My dad’s passion in martial arts inspired all of our names.

Our first-born is Xavier Lee, our second-born, who is also a coach in taekwondo and has a black belt, is Sung Park, and the third one is Ting Yung Takid. My dad is Japheth Takid.

When did you develop interest in taekwondo?

I’m born in a family of talents, so, my talent is inborn. I developed interest in taekwondo when I was two years old. My father, who is a fitness trainer and is in the Kenyan boxing team, brought my interest to life. My mother, Cecilia Moraa, has also contributed in moulding my talent since I was little, and I have been improving and becoming better and better by the day. My parents are my greatest fans, they are always there for me. They take me to participate in games and also help me acquire equipment.

What inspires your everyday interest?

My siblings and parents. You should see the zeal we have in our family while working out and practicing. It’s really interesting, everyone in our neighborhood wants to copy us. Other than that, it’s a form of self-defense. Having this skill makes one feel safer, in that they can protect themselves.

Do you have a trainer?

My dad is my trainer. He has a show every morning on K24 TV, where he showcases keeping fit, and he also trains us at home.

What else do you do?

I am good at swimming, I practise in school. I am also a good dancer, thanks to my siblings who are good dancers. I’m a ballerina, I do a lot of home practice, and lastly, I’m good at kickboxing.

Tell us about the medals you have won

So far, I have participated in two tournaments. The first one was when I was five years old and it was a kickboxing tournament held at Makini School. I became first place and took home a gold medal. The other competition was in taekwondo when I was six years old. It was held in Nakuru and I emerged second place, winning a silver medal.

How do you balance the sport and school?

My parents have laid out a timetable for me; the only time I get to do practice is in the evening on weekdays. The rest of the time is spent on books.

What are some challenges you face?

A lot is expected of me and at times I can’t deliver because I am still small. Other than that, my legs and hands are always sore, but at the end of the day, I make sure I’m strong enough for the sport.

What’s your message to other children who may be interested in taekwondo?

I would tell them, what a man can do, a woman can do. So, join me in this wonderful sport. Also, to the parents, let your child venture into this if they have a passion for it.

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