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Niku Singh, jewellery designer

Marcella Akinyi

Tell us about your company

It is called Niku Singh. I creatively combine quality brass and aluminum with beads and semi precious stones, to create bold pieces.

Where did your passion for jewellery come from?

From designing one random bead, then meeting my mentor Cristina Cisilino, who is currently based in Europe. She encouraged me to produce more designs of beads, and I ended up designing a whole collection for her company at that time. By profession, I am a qualified Interior Designer, but looks like God had bigger plans.

What are some of the ways a bride can incorporate jewellery in her gown?

This all depends on the bride’s taste. Most of my bridal clients get the jewellery, then the outfit is sourced or tailored accordingly. I have also incorporated handmade embellishment into bridal gowns. You can have an elaborate outfit with simple accessories, or have a simple outfit and bold accessories to create that exclusive look.

What are some wedding jewellery dos and don’ts?

The dos; go out of your way to stand out like you never have on your wedding day. You live it once, so give it your best. Wear appropriate accessories to suit your body posture, personality and outfit. Thirdly, be Kenyan from head to toe!

We need to let the world know we are capable of producing everything here. Buy Kenya build Kenya. Again, have a contrast of the accessories with the outfit. It looks stunning. Lastly, be unique. The don’t s; do not wear your everyday simple accessories on your wedding day.

Watch your accessories if your gown is embroidered and detailed. Also, don’t overdo your accessories for the sake of standing out. Listen to your stylist or jeweller. Last but not least, don’t get everyone’s opinion in the clan over your look. Follow your heart and feel comfortable with everything you have on on your big day.

What is the current jewellery trend in wedding designs?

There is no current trend according to me. Each bride I get as a client is her own trendsetter, and you will never see the same piece on another bride from Niku Singh. My pieces are exclusively designed for you.

What are the some of the challenges you have experienced as a vendor in the wedding industry?

The main challenge we have is on the readymade market. But for those who know their taste well with their accessories…I wish the readymade market best of luck! Lol!

Advice to couples?

Make the best memories you can on your wedding day. Don’t just concentrate on your accessories or clothing, because your big day is a moment to cherish for a lifetime!

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