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A grain of splendour

Peace and tranquility meets you the moment you get to the leafy suburb of Karen, the home to Hemmingways Nairobi. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, lays a mansion-like estate that welcomes you to this calm oasis.

Our first glance when we recently visited the majestic building almost cheated us to think that the hotel had no life, but to our surprise, the place was almost fully booked, thanks to the holiday season.

The hotel has 45 rooms, two of which are a penthouse and presidential suite, and every room has a balcony with a view of the breathtaking Ngong Hills, all with subtle colours that give the hotel a general vintage look of elegance.

The aesthetic is well thought out fresh flowers, high ceilings and a TV that pop out of a case box. Just fantastic! Hemmingways luxury hotel also has a restaurant known as the Hemingways Brasserie.

The menu is contemporary European style. I would recommend their steaks, which are delightfully tasty. On its walls, the Brasserie is decorated with posters of old movies set in Africa such as The Lion King and I Dreamed of Africa.

The staircase walls are decorated with quotes from iconic historical people from Africa. It’s an awesome place for a romantic date or even just a laid-back dinner date with a few friends or family.

The place also has a walk-in champagne and wine room where guests can choose freely whatever suits their palate. ‘It’s a great place to have a wedding as well’, I thought, especially because of the well-manicured lawns that beautify its garden, or even best for a honeymoon.

Unlike most hotels, here you get to have your own butler, who specifically takes care of you throughout your stay. Ooh what a feel! Hemmingways also has a gym, spa and swimming pool, just incase you want to relax, get fit or basically indulge in an activity.

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