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Extra incentive to vote in Triple P/Talanta Mtaani show

Voters in the Triple P/Talanta Mtaani show now stand a chance of winning an iphone X, organizers of the music talent search group in Kenyan hoods in partnership with betting firm, Dafabet, have announced.

The latest episode of the Triple P/Talanta Mtaani show brings together 17 finalists both individual and group entries of upcoming Kenyan musicians and artists.

The entry of leading gaming firm , Dafabet, has given the voting an extra incentive as voters can win cash prizes by betting on an individual or group one feels stands the chance of emerging winner.

Each individual and group has been assigned odds and with a Sh100 bet one stands a chance to win cash should the artist emerge the winner.

TESLA, a sweet mellow voiced lyricist with good songwriting skills is currently the favourite with odds of 1.33. However, there is always the surprise element in every talent search show.

Chris Harley, Head of Business Development of Dafabet said: “We have partnered with Triple P to offer the Kenyan public something different. Ever since we launched in Kenya we have aimed to offer a localised product and we have kept to our word by giving Kenyans a chance to vote on who they think will win TalantaMtaani. We believe that this partnership with Triple P is the start of something new and offering betting on shows like TalantaMtaani is only the beginning.”

Maurice Okoth, Founder and CEO of CIPLAR International said: “We believe in that, by partnering with Dafabet we can give our fans the chance to add a bit of excitement to the show. Why shouldn’t they be able to bet and have the chance to win a bit of cash whilst cheering on their favourites. We are proud to have taken this initiative and we look forward to partnering with Dafabet to offer viewers more opportunities to win money.”
Dafabet is the only company in Africa offering betting on this event having also pioneered in athletics betting in Kenya.

A guide to Triple P/TalantaMtaani contestants

CEOKY – young female rapper with heart and soul,bars and a killer flow. She could take you home Sh700 if you bet Sh100 with Dafabet. 

COLLINS – the best lyrical dancer of our time. Priced at 10.0 COLLINS, you could take home Sh1000 if you bet Sh100 on him now.

DENNIS – the best kept secret in comedy. He will leave you in stitches and could see you laugh Sh400 into your pockets if you bet Sh100. 

EAST BOYZ CREAM – changing their community one soul at a time through music. Coming from crime into artistry. Priced at 7.00 – could this be lucky 7 for you. Bet Sh100 now and you may win Sh700.                                                                                                                     

FRIDAH – an ambitious singer with a heart of gold and priced at 4.00. Place Sh100 on Fridah now and you could walk away with Sh400.

HANNAH – very uniquely structured voice with alot of energy. Great odds of 8.0. Hannah might just take you home Sh800 for that Sh100 bet.

HOLLY WAVE – a group of comedians addressing family issues from the inside out. This group are priced at 8.00. Are these your guys? You could win Sh800 by betting Sh100 now. 

JULIANNA – a gospel singer and a young mother with a strong melodious voice and strong chance of winning this competition. Priced at 7.00, Julianna could take you to 7th heaven by winning you Sh700 with a Sh100 bet.

KEITH – an energized EDM dancer with moves that mimic electricity. The Sky is the limit and with odds of 4.00 he could raise you up Sh400 if you bet Sh100 should he be crowned king of Talanta.

MAUREEN-adeep mellow voice with confidence and composure. Second favourite at the price of 3.00. Win Sh300 by betting Sh100 on Maureen now.

MUSA ACROBATS – taking acrobats into a different awesome space of creativity, very well priced on Dafabet at an amazing 4.0. Great value for money. Bet Sh100 win Sh400 now! 

NJENGA -fusing his local dialect into rap music – he owns it and he could own you Sh700 if you place a Sh100 bet on him. Great odds at 7.00.

SOPHIA – youngest version of Aretha Franklin: good valued bet with odds of 10.0. Bet Sh100 on her and you could walk away with Sh1000.

STEPHANIE -this female rapper had the IT factor and is a great bet at 4.00. With talent to change the musical and entertainment scene for good she can pocket you Sh400 for a Sh100 bet.

TESLA – sweet mellow voiced lyricist with good songwriting skills. Currently the favourite with odds of 1.33. She can win you Sh133 if you place a bet of Sh100.

THEE FLAWLESS 3 – win Sh700 by placing a bet of Sh100 on the dance group that redefines groups when it comes to dance. Diverse yet so Similar. Bet Now.

TWINSTARS – with odds of 10.0, you can win Sh1000 with the twins deemed the future of dancehall music.

To Register, SMS PPP TO 29567


GAME ID: 7314

STAKE: Sh100

COLLINS OTIENO: 7314#o#0#100

DENNIS KINYANJUI: 7314#o#1#100

EAST BOYS CREAM: 7314#o#2#100

FRIDAH MWIHAKI: 7314#o#3#100

HANNAH MWANGI: 7314#o#4#100


JOYCE CEOKY: 7314#o#6#100

JULIANNA NJOKI: 7314#o#7#100

KEITH SKY: 7314#o#8#100

KELVIN NJOGU: 7314#o#9#100

MAUREEN WANYOIKE: 7314#o#10#100

MUSA ACROBATS: 7314#o#11#100

NJENGA KINYANJUI: 7314#o#12#100

TESLA NJERI: 7314#o#13#100

SOPHIA NYAMU: 7314#o#14#100

STEPHANIE MUDASIA: 7314#o#15#100

THE FLAWLESS 3: 7314#o#16#100

TWIN STARS: 7314#o#17#100

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