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NPCA elevated cricket to vibrance competitiveness – Tikolo

Barry Silah @obel_barry

Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association (NPCA) has made efforts to make its competitions vibrant and productive according to its chairman Tom Tikolo. In the recent past, the league management body has come under fire for failing to exert itself with regards to making the championship lucrative.

However, Tikolo has come on the defensive to accuse detractors of not being in the loop of developments in NPCA. “As a competitions body, we have grown overtime. Obviously there have been challenges but we are still improving.

The Super league for instance nowadays even attracts foreign players and competition is tight at the top,” he said. Critics argue that only three clubs; Kanbis, Swamibapa and Stray Lions have dominated the league longer thus making it less alluring. Tikolo however dismisses such allegations as a frivolous.

“There is more money and certain clubs have invested in good structures and players. Importantly though for the regular teams competing for the championship, the management and club commitment to their teams have been exemplary. This is the kind of atmosphere the modern crops of players need to thrive,” he added.

Tikolo added that it is in the plans of NPCA in the coming year would be to restructure the league and incorporate female teams as well. “We are discussing as a committee and other stakeholders on ways of bringing in at least four to five girls’ teams for clubs to adopt. This is important in growing their confidence and performance levels at the top tier.

As for the men’s league, we are seriously thinking of reducing the clubs to enhance competition. We are talking to various institutions to partner with us in the long term for this project.”

Ex-international Edward Tito Odumbe however scorned NPCA over failure to be hands on in running their own leagues. “The level of indiscipline today in our leagues is unacceptable. NPCA must take charge so that these younger players learn the value of being professionals.”

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