Accidents ‘claim more Kenyans than malaria’

Robin Obino @obinorobin

Injuries sustained from road carnage and other accidents are the major cause of most deaths in the country, a Health ministry report says. The recently released d STEPs survey revealed that 10 per cent of Kenyans had received injuries that required medical attention within the past 12 months.

It comes even as road accidents claimed at least 70 lives in the last one week. Injuries sustained from such accidents result in more than five million deaths globally which is more than the total number of people killed by Aids, Tuberculosis and malaria combined, the report says.

“Indeed, injuries are a leading cause of death in the country where road traffic injuries and violence are among the top 10 leading causes of mortality,” Health Cabinet Secretary Dr Cleopa Mailu said in a statement read on his behalf by Dr Patrick Amoth in Nairobi yesterday.

He spoke during the launch of the National Violence and Injury Prevention and Control Action Plan for 2018-2022 whose objective is to bring change to violence and injuries in the country.

The plan is aimed at averting the resultant health and socio-economic consequences and also reduce the burden of violence and injury in the country.

The overall goal of the plan, however, is to strengthen the role of the health sector to reduce the burden of violence and injuries and its consequences by implementing evidence-based prevention and control policies and programmes.

The plan also envisages a strategic investment in building human resource capacity as well as investing in research and development in violence and injuries. Meanwhile, the government intends to increase financing to the health sector from 7 per cent to 10 per cent in 2022 as Kenya joined the world to celebrate the World Universal Healthcare Coverage this week.

Alongside this plan, the government will enlist 100,000 Community Health Volunteers in the next 24 months to boost recruitment of citizens under the national social health insurance scheme.

Health Cabinet Secretary, Cleopa Mailu told an international conference on accelerating Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) in Japan yesterday in this programme, the CHVs will recruit a further 20 households each.

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