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Is there room in the inn of your life this Christmas?

Last week, we started looking at the keys to celebrating meaningfully, we saw that it is imperative to appreciate the struggle that resulted in the victory that led to the celebration.

In just over a week we’ll be celebrating Christmas, unarguably the biggest holiday of the year worldwide. But do most people remember to call to mind the reason for the celebration? I think not.

The fact that a saviour had to be born necessarily means that man was held captive by a power beyond his ability to conquer. It’s much like slavery, only this time slavery to a power a million times, and infinitely many times worse than slavery to another man.

It was slavery to sin. Jesus Christ was born purposely to slay this enemy, which brings us to the second key to celebrating meaningfully: we must appreciate the sacrifice of those that won the victory we celebrate.

There are no victories at bargain prices. Meaningful victory always comes from sacrifice. That’s what heroes are made of. From the time of Adam’s transgression, sin had its evil tentacles wrapped around humanity in an inescapable tangle of carnality, idolatry and pride.

Will-power and religion could not break its power. Only a sacrifice of innocent blood could avail. And because no man could provide blood untainted by sin to deliver his fellow strugglers, the Son of God had to become man, live a sinless life and spill His blood to make atonement for every human soul, no matter how vile their offence against God.

So meaningful celebration does not stop with just calling the cause to mind; it appreciates the sacrifice that brought the victory. The best way to appreciate Christ’s sacrifice for you is to give Him room in the inn of your life this Christmas!

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