Samboja wants those aiding illegal brew trade punished

Murimi Mutiga @murimimutiga

Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja has asked the National government to punish local chiefs and police officers for colluding with brewers to produce and sell illicit brew. He at the same time, issued a one-month ultimatum to police to deal with the illicit brew menace in the county, adding that if they fail to act, he will push for disciplinary action on some ‘rogue’ officers.

“There are a few rogue officers who are collecting bribes from brewers so they can continue producing illicit brew. If it means sacking the officers let it be so, we cannot allow security officers to get involved in unlawful acts,” he said. Speaking in Wundanyi, the governor blamed cheap liquor for addiction and health problems that have affected productivity of the youth.

“We want a sober generation that we can engage with and carry out meaningful development, we will resist any attempt to destroy our youth who hold the future of this county,” he said.

Samboja advised youths to shun irresponsible alcohol-drinking habits and instead concentrate on building their careers. County commissioner Kula Hache asked police to act expeditiously to stop illicit brew business at Werugha location, which is among the most affected by the menace.

She confiscated two mobile phones belonging to Werugha chief Rashid Maghanga and his assistant, warning that they will be sacked should police recover illicit brew in their location.

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