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Gigantic brunch at Radisson Blu

The light meal and ambience was a match made in heaven and the band was such an appetiser and good company throughout

Catherine Njiru @PeopleDailyKe

Iam intrigued by this new idea which involves live-action cooking in Nairobi restaurants. So I recently got to try it out myself and my verdict is … After a late Friday or Saturday night out, brunch is your best friend. Technically, it’s lunch but anything before 2pm on a Sunday falls squarely into the brunch territory.

When you walk into Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi, seek out Larder Restaurant. It serves meals from noon to 4.30pm on a Sundays. Just across the open bar area there’s a band playing. Larder Restaurant offers a lovely view of the Upper Hill area and a delicious brunch to complement the view. The music is inviting on this particular day, so we sit right next.

So we head straight to the buffet, where there’s a salad, drinks, breakfast and lunch section. We forget the ‘br’ in ‘br’unch and head straight to the lunch section. There’s little to choose from here and we are disappointed; this can’t be good. Just when we are about to rethink this ‘mediocre’ brunch, a waiter saves the day; there’s more on the other side!

They’re offering a la carte weekend brunch with a sophisticated and modern African twist, featuring a kids’ buffet station, a buffet spread from the soup station. There is also a salad corner, a hot buffet, live cooking at the stir-fry vegetable station, a nyam chom station (beef, chicken, and lamb) and an ice cream and pancake station.

Yes, you’ll also find the omelet live cooking station, choma station, the shawarma station and the pastry station. There are waffles, bagels, muffins, pasta cooked to order and desserts for days. I am excited just how the chapats (insert a jang’o accent) are being flipped and none hits the ground. So, are last night’s festivities still haunting you?

Start with their bottomless sangria. Once you’ve had a drink, and moved over from ‘sins’ of last night, you’re ready. Move on to the pancake bar and enjoy pancakes, chapat, and then spend time at the buffet counter for soups, salads, cold and warm dishes. It’s now time for your main entrée and you have a choice of lamb, chicken, and steak or assorted vegetables.

Finish it all off with a dessert platter served with fruits, ice creams and sorbets. After brunch, grab a few drinks along the bar area or head to the swimming pool. So, we decide to try out some shawarma.

“Ten minutes,” the waiter assures us. We head back to the table and wait. Then wait and wait some more. It takes long, but finally its here. First Bite. Hmm. Second bite..hmm hmm. It’s not working. Something about too much garlic and salt, I think. Maybe I’m not a shawarma person… The sangria at the drink station is to die for, perfecto!

I enjoy the desert as it has almost everything I go for as dessert. Tiramisu, some mousse and their cheesecake to be specific, dessertlicious! Verdict? The brunch and ambiance was a match made in heaven.

The band was a such an appetiser and good company through the experience. One crucial lesson learned: if you want to enjoy the brunch experience leave your buffet dining misconceptions at the door. They have something big for Christmas as well and I bet you’ve crossed a lot off your to-do list this year.

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