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Habits that make couples happy

Waithera Otieno @loveNlust 69

Happy couples go to bed together. Even though you may not make love every night, when you get into bed at the same time you can cuddle and enjoy some pillow talk as you fall asleep.

If one of you is a night owl and the other is an early bird, find a mutually beneficial compromise. Touch each other to show physical affection. Hold hands, hug, and cuddle.

Give each other back rubs and massages. Even in public, subtle displays of physical affection in public communicates that you are proud to be seen with your sweetheart. When you touch your partner, they enjoy a good touch feeling that makes them feel loved.

When you hit your partner, you give them a bad touch experience and make them feel unloved. If you do not touch your partner, you create a no-touch feeling that makes them feel neglected. Playing together keeps couples happy.

If you didn’t have common interests when you met, find activities that you both enjoy and spend some quality time doing them. Remember to also maintain your own individual interests so that you don’t become too dependent on your partner for fun. When there is a misunderstanding, always try to be trusting and forgiving.

While it is important to ensure you address the misunderstandings in a genuine manner, focus on what your partner does right, not what they do wrong. Once you give positive reinforcement by complimenting your partner when they have done a good thing, it creates positive interactions. Express your love verbally.

Say I love you, I miss you, have a good day, good night. Start the day by saying something positive and end the day with positive verbal expression. Call or text your partner throughout the day to check on them.

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