County chief warns police over smuggling

Henry Andanje @PeopleDailyKe

The government has warned police officers abetting smuggling of goods at Busia border that they will be sacked. County Commissioner Michael ole Tialal said the government loses millions of shillings in tax evasion because of the illegal deals.

Addressing the press in his office, the county boss said some police officers stationed on the Kenya – Uganda border are bribed by unscrupulous businessmen to smuggle goods into the country through illegal routes.

“The illegal activities are done with the full knowledge of senior police officers who get kickbacks in the end,” he said adding that the government has deployed plain clothes officers at the border to monitor their uniformed colleagues.

Western Regional Coordinator Mongo Chimwaka said the government will transfer all police officers who have overstayed in one station for more than six years saying that the exercise was put on hold because of the juts concluded General Election.

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