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This make-up though…Issa problem!

Someone said, “If you aren’t familiar with the story of Sahar Tabar, then it is safe to assume that you’ve been living under a rock for the past week,” I couldn’t agree more.

Just to jog up your mind, Tabar, a teenager from Iran has allegedly done 50 surgical procedures just to look like her idol, Angelina Jolie. To say she looks like a zombie would be an understatement. But because I’ve never met or engaged with one before, I shall stick to my lane. I know this would be unfair to ask, but forget about Tabar for a minute! Back home.

I’ve not seen anyone idolise a ‘celeb’ to that extent, but sometimes I swear not recognising some of my friends when they decide to slay. The layers and layers of make-up completely transform who they are, totally different people.

So, what am I saying? It’s tough to keep up, from primer to concealer, corrector, foundation, toner, mousse, contour, highlighter, you name them. The extent we go to slay is on another level.

Wait until someone downs some of those long lashes and their eyes twitch after every second, God bless our souls. It’s just too much ladies. The pressure to cope with such conflicting demands and to keep up with the continual changes in make-up trends is highly stressful.

When do we even get time to perform that strenuous ritual every morning before work? Even pregnant women go on diets in the quest to look like a pregnant Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

Our mothers, as well as grandmothers, beg physicians to prescribe some hormone replacement therapy, which apparently prevents wrinkles and keeps the body ying yangish.

But when did growing older become a medical condition that needs to be treated? Probably about the same time that pharmaceutical companies realised how much money they would make by playing on our insecurities.

We, women, have no fear of trying the latest trends, but until that day when we’ll look in the mirror and realise that we can’t see our image in the mirror again because we were blinded by mascara, and the long lashes we put, only will we realise that we were actually worse than a train wreck. But until then…someone hook me up with a serious make-up artiste, fixing these lashes ain’t a joke!

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