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Ladies’ night made at Nyama Mama

Nyama Mama at Delta Towers in Westlands is a great place. Jamhuri Sessions at the spot are always a bomb on a Wednesday night. The music sessions go down every Wednesday and this week was Ayrosh and Tha Movement band’s time to rule the night at Delta. I got there a bit early, a quarter after 7pm.

The show was slated for half past, but it took off at 8pm. So, as I waited for my squad to come through, I thought why not wine myself on a Sauvignon Blanc instead of staring at the colourful ceiling.

I had already grabbed a meal so my tummy was well catered to. Mama’s menu can be over the top, especially with alcohol and certain foods. However, beer lovers don’t have to worry about the prices because they seem to be standard at Sh350 like other joints across the city.

A glass of wine is not so terribly off the usual, going for Sh700 a glass or more depending on the brand and somewhere around Sh3500 a bottle. Cocktails prices tick off from Sh800, and they always come in metallic cups that remind me of shags. They have always been a fascination. Actually some drinks go up to Sh185,000.

Nyama Mama has an undeniable homely vibe that somehow takes care of you even when you are by yourself. The open-air diner is bourgie with an elegant African brushing that make it inviting.

It is always brimming with people. And on occasions where live music is playing, then all seats are usually taken. Ayrosh and Tha Movement finally hit the set performing for a full house of music enthusiasts.

My crew had arrived by then and we nodded, tapped feet, and swung to the eclectic folk fusion mugithi rhythm from the entertainers. We even had a twisti moment on the floor. And so the music went on into the night. What else could be better than a jolly midweek sizzle?

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