Shun FGM, West Pokot locals told

West Pokot County Assembly Speaker Catherine Mukenyang has urged the Pokot community to shun retrogressive practises such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and forced marriages.

Speaking during the graduation of 350 girls who had undergone an alternative rite of passage at Muino in Central Pokot sub-county, she said such vices hinder development.

“Most parts of the county continue to lag behind because of these harmful practices,” she said, adding that the county leadership supports anti-FGM programmes and would work together with other stakeholders to eradicate the vice.

She expressed concern over the high number of girls undergoing the vice during this holiday season and called on leaders and regional administrators to help in the enforcement of anti-FGM laws.

Beyond FGM lobby sponsored the programme with the manager Domitila Chesang attributing the practce to illiteracy and ignorance. – KNA

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