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Khaligraph Jones

GRACE WACHIRA @yaa_grace

Best performance so far in 2017?

Last weekend at the Ty Dollar concert. I arrived on stage in a casket. It was different and I had fun. I mean, art is expressive and I wanted that to be felt.

Worst experience on stage?

When I was starting out, I wasn’t so big then. I was invited to St Paul’s University and I couldn’t get through my second song. I was booed off stage, but that experience really taught me a lot about how the music industry operates. It was an eye-opener.

Best decision ever made?

Well, deciding to become a musician. Best high school experience? When I was in Form Two, I was made the head boy. I was in charge of even the Form Fours, but I guess I was given that position because of my big physique and also because I was a neat boy. I was the boss (laughs).

Worst habit?

My friends tell me I do too much studio time. It is kind of true because I do not go on vacations and the like but I love music and I love what I do. I will probably take their advice later.

Best childhood Christmas memory?

When I was a child, my mother used to buy my siblings and I matching outfits. That stunt used to rock our world. We looked forward to Christmas (laughs).

Worst advice you have ever received?

I was told several times that music could not be a career that I could live off, especially being from Kayole. I knew though, what I wanted to achieve hence I stuck to my goals and I have never looked back since. Best food? Ugali, kienyeji greens and white meat. I do not fancy red meat.

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