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Ways to party proof your house

The party season is here, and you are bound to host a party or two. And while parties are fun, they can also be messy. Wambui Virginia shares with you a foolproof plan that will leave you at ease as you make merry

1. Remove the carpet

It’s always a challenge scrubbing stains from a carpet. We’re talking wine spill, juice to food — it is a nightmare. To avoid all that, remove the carpet prior to hosting any gathering or substitute it with an easy to wash rug.

2. Close your bedrooms

What’s the worst that could happen? Sticky fingers are the least of your worries. You’re more likely to find a guest passed out in your bedroom or getting busy with another. And unless you’re for that kinda thing, I would advise you lock your doors.

3. Invite people you know

Parties come with gate crashers, so it’s not always as simple as inviting the people you know. Some friends, even after they RSVP, come with a tag along without notice. Inform guests beforehand that you are not comfortable with people you are not familiar with.

4. Use paper cups, plates and cutlery

Disposable cups, plates and cutlery are perfect because they do not require much. Cleaning after a party is quite taxing, but with these, your job is half way done. They also come in handy as you don’t stress about breakages. You can also use them to complement your theme.

5. Store all your fragile and valuable items in a safe place

Locking up fragile items is essential. These are items that are breakable, expensive or irreplaceable. You can designate one room or drawer and lock them in until the party is over.

6. Alert your neighbours

Unless you live in a dessert island, most residences have rules and regulations. You have to respect your neighbours. If you want to avoid your party being cut short, inform your neighbours you’ll be holding a gathering and that things may get a bit rowdy.

7. Protect your furniture

It’s quite upsetting when guests spill wine or food on a white couch. To protect your furniture, ensure you have seat covers or tablecloths to prevent any accidents. You don’t have to spend the whole night anxious.

8. Have a designated party area

Most guests will assume that when they are invited to a party, they are free to wander off. Make it clear which rooms are available for the party. It could be the living room, the grounds — the boundaries will be spelt out clearly. It will help keep guys off areas you’re not comfortable opening up to the public.

9. Have a coat or shoe place

In a party, there’s usually a lot going on and a lot of the time, it leads to disorganisation. Within an hour or two, it can get out of control. It will be difficult locating guests belongings once they want to head out. To keep things organised, set up a coat and shoe rack right at the door, that way, it will be easy to pick them up as guests leave.

10. Have plenty of napkins

Once the party starts, it’s difficult to stop. Ensure you have napkins in every nook you can find around the house. Granted, there is someone who will need cleaning after and with them in everyone’s eye view, it will make things a whole lot smoother and less messier.

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