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Meet fashion designer Vincent Wangara, popularly known as Vinn Cliz

Self-taught fashion designer Vincent Wangara, popularly known as Vinn Clizz, founder and CEO of Vinn Clizz Limited, and currently Mr World Kakamega County, talks with Grace Wachira about  fashionprenuership

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a fashionentrepreneur. I set up Vinn Clizz Limited in 2013, but the business picked up a year later. I specialise in suits, and my pieces are uniquely designed to meet the client’s expectations.

Talk to us about your designs.

I have a variety of well thought ideas laced with a touch of class, creating fashionable outfits for both ladies and gents. I also use a wide selection of colours, designs and fabrics to choose from.

What would you say makes your pieces stand out?

I make modern bespoke slim fit tailored suits that fit to perfection.

You’re the visionary behind the annual fashion gala Mtindo Afrika. Talk to us about it.

Mtindo Afrika focuses on Afro modern fashion brands with the intention of promoting and identifying this designers and brands as trendsetters in Africa. The event brings together not only the latest, but the most creative and futuristic fashion labels, both upcoming and established.

Who are some of the personalities you have dressed?

TV presenters Jamal Gadaffi and Abuller Ahmed, musician Redsan, comedians YY and Akuku Danger and Mr World Kenya.


A variety of my designs have scooped a number of awards including Emerging Designer of the Year 2016 and 2017 at Pwani Fashion Week [Pifwa} and Emerging Designer of the Year at the Kenya Glamour Awards.

Your line is famed for its non-traditional jacket and pants kind of suits. Tell us more about this pieces.

This type of jacket features a narrower chest and waist that is form-fitting without being constricting. The trousers are also slim fit with a narrow opening at the cuff.

Who’s your biggest inspiration in the fashion industry?

International designer Davidson Frere. He’s based in France.

What’s the one thing you can’t leave the house without?

Two things in fact; a suit and a watch.

What are a few must-haves every guy needs in their closet?

A black and grey suit, black shoes and a watch.

What are some of your most memorable works?

Showcasing my suit line at the Rwanda Fashion Week in Kigali last year and winning the Pwani Fashion Awards two years in a row.

In your experience, would you say men’s fashion has grown locally?

It has, thanks to new social media. Men have embraced new emerging trends. Take the world of suits, gone are the days of rocking only black ill-fitting suits. Fashion today is universal, it’s exciting to see how it’s progressing.

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