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Bomet county, Athletics Kenya join hands in anti-doping drive

Bomet county government has promised to join hands with Athletics Kenya in fighting doping. Deputy governor Hillary Barchok said the country’s international image is under threat following numerous accusations of athletes using performance boosting substances.

“We will continue to keep our image and name internationally only if we run clean and avoid doping,” he said during this year’s Sotik Cross Country championship at Cereals Grounds in Sotik Town yesterday.

He was accompanied by Trade and Tourism executive Bernard Ngeno and South-Rift AK chair John Wachira. Ngeno said the county will collaborate with AK to roll out sensitisation workshops for local athletes on dangers of illegal drugs. Wachira said the doping menace should be nipped in the bud before it gets out of control and ruins a sport the country has worked so hard to build.

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