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Please leave us and our nudes alone!

I was busy browsing, minding other people’s business when I came across this warning, “For the love of God, stop taking nude photos and sending them to men you’re not married to,” the writer rebuked women who take nudes that end up doing rounds on social media. So, many comments predictably applauded the ‘witty’ sender. It was sickening.

Maddening. Nauseating and any other…ing you’d think of. The sad part is that women have been somehow brainwashed to think that it’s a taboo to send nudes, which century is this again?

It’s allowed mamma, there’s simply nothing wrong with taking nude photos if you so, please. Give it your best pose girl, if that’s your piece of cake. Bend over, put them legs up on that ceiling if you so wish, it’s your right!

As long as the photos are both taken and sent on a consensual basis and the parties involved comfortable with their use, no one should care what you’re sending each other. Or what your preferences are. That’s a private matter.

Why is it that every time a nude photo leaks we blame the woman and not the person who leaked the photos in the first place? ‘If only you hadn’t captured proof that you have a naked body under that cute dress, you wouldn’t be in this mess’, they rebuke the woman.

See, what we don’t understand is that the problem with a nude photo leak is not and never has been the ‘nude photo’ part. It’s the ‘leak’ part — yes, that part where someone really wants to humiliate the woman by putting her bodies on display without her consent.

But wait a minute, remember that rape debate? If telling women not to wear ‘suggestive’ clothing or drink or walk at night to avoid rape is victim-blaming, so too is telling them not to take and share nudes (yes, welcome to 2017!). Millennial women aren’t children that need to be told what or what not to do with their phones, bodies or relationships.

Just as with rape or sexual assault, the responsibility for nude photo leaks lies with the perpetrators, not the victims. Neither you, I, them or we own these nude bodies, they do — so please leave them and their nudes alone.

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