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Buda, let’s do some karaoke!

Why is it that all random nights turn to be the best? Let me tell you about my random night that ended up at Budhaa Bar and Lounge at Delta Towers, Westlands. So, we were at Nyama Mama, located at the same bulding, for some whisky event. I was not feeling it from the beginning, but I ended up going anyway.

The event was nearing the end, when one of my colleagues suggested we try out Budhaa’s shisha before we head home. It was around 8pm. So, we agreed to leave in the next hour. It was on a Thursday night, which is usually a themed karaoke night at the club, with singer Sanaipei Tande as the host.

The moment we got in, I immediately spotted some of my rugby friends and I just knew this would be one of those crazy nights. The club is well lit. Even though it’s a nightclub, you can literally see the people, unlike other clubs where it’s always so dark to even see your dancing partner.

The crowd is mature; the laid back type. But still, you can tell they are people who like to have fun. Being a karaoke night, you would expect shy individuals trying it for the first time, or a crowd that laughs on bad singers, but no. Here, they help you sing.

I remember we sang along almost all the songs up until midnight. Trust me, we lost the track of time. One drink had turned out to be six hours of fun. Awesome deejay… I forgot his name, but he had a dope playlist. At Budhaa, drinks are pocket-friendly.

Beer goes for Sh300, while cocktails range between Sh600 to Sh1,500. But the shisha was not so good. It kept chocking and it took the shisha guy hours to fix it. Buddha is, however, an awesome club especially if you’re thinking of karaoke on a weekday.

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