Ignore deceptive political campaigns, Kiraithe urges

The Government spokesperson Erick Kiraithe has asked Kenyans to ignore “deceptive political campaigns” pushing for the boycott of certain products and calls for secession by the National Super Alliance (Nasa).

He said the boycott of products was uncalled for and was likely to derail the economy of the country if Kenyans do not remain vigilant. Kiraithe claimed Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and his Kilifi counterpart Amason Kingi have introduced a debate to have Coast region secede from Kenya so as to remain relevant after expiry of their terms in office in 2022.

The spokesman said Joho and Kingi enjoyed trappings of power and would wish to retain them beyond 2022 and therefore were using the secession debate for selfish political gain. “You have heard of people wanting to be Sultan and all that nonsense. People incapable of sweeping their street and authentically account for the money received the last time are the ones now talking about secession.

The talk is totally diversionary and it has a political agenda that might not be necessarily in the interest of the republic of Kenya,” said Kiraithe. He, however, said the country was stable, and Kenyans were going on with their lives.

Kiraithe asked Nasa leaders to ensure they remain within the law and warned them against disrupting peace in the country. He said President Uhuru Kenyatta will be sworn into the office as required by the law if the Supreme Court rules in his favour and cautioned those threatening to stop the swearing in. Regarding the ongoing diplomatic spat between Kenya and Tanzania over the auction of Kenyan herders cattle, Kiraithe said the neighbouring country was well within its laws and the matter would be resolved diplomatically.

“We would have wished the issue of our herders getting into Tanzania illegally could have been handled in a better way but it does not affect our relationship with Tanzania and we also maintain that getting into Tanzania illegally is also exposing yourself to the laws of that country. We shall continue with deliberations to see how matters of this nature will be resolved in future,” said Kiraithe.

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