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Phila Orlando, captain, Kenya Women’s Rugby Union

Best moment on the pitch?

It has to be when scoring.

Worst public experience?

Early 2016, the public vehicle I was travelling in was hijacked. I coach girls at St Teresa near Eastleigh and that was where I was headed. We were driven to the interior of Mathare Slums to a place called Nigeria. We were stripped of all our belongings. They even took my Rio Olympic phone and my bag that had my training gear.

Best hobby?

I love listening to music. It’s medicine to my soul.

Worst habit?

Biting people. Well, my coach and teammates urge me everyday to stop it. It is a tactic I employ when I want to get the ball. Right now on a scale of 1-10, I’m on three. I have indeed cut down my biting their arms and backs (laughs). Best food? I enjoy ugali and managu with chicken or fish on the side.

Worst advice you have ever received?

Four years ago when I was 27, I was told that if I wanted a husband I should quit rugby. That my career would scare them off, but now, I am dating a handsome man who loves me with all my aggression and my love for the game. God has a plan mapped out for everyone regardless of their career.

Worst place you have been to and why?

Hong Kong. There was a time we had a match there. The pitch had artificial turf. It would get so hot and the shoes would burn our feet. Consequently, we lost all the matches, but one. At some point during the matches, we wished they would dip our feet in ice or play barefoot.

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