Nurses strike denied babies crucial vaccine

It is now emerging that new born babies in Naivasha and its environs missed out on immunisation during the five-month strike by nurses. And a week after the nurses resumed duty, the number of parents seeking immunisation for their babies has risen sharply overstretching services at the Naivasha Sub-county hospital.

According to the superintendent in charge of the hospital, Dr Joseph Mburu, the facility was recording 200 new immunisations daily. He noted that before the strike, the number of newborn babies seeking immunisation stood at 30.

“Currently we are recording between 150 and 200 babies seeking immunisation but we expect this to return to normal once the backlog is cleared,” he said. Mburu said the maternal child health clinic was also busy as mothers attending antenatal clinic sought services from the nurses.

“Pregnant mothers who were not attending the antenatal clinic due to the strike are arriving in large numbers,” he said. Speaking in his office yesterday, Mburu said the striking nurses had resumed duty after their pending issues were cleared.

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