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Federation ready for litigation over contentious draft constitution

Football Kenya Federation is ready for litigation over the impending adoption of a new constitution during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) slated for Mombasa on November 18.

The federation president Nick Mwendwa (pictured) says he has mobilised all members who attended a stakeholders, meeting last week to adopt the constitution which has the blessings of the world governing body Fifa and Confederation of African Football (CAF) and that he does not foresee it being contested.

“I do not expect a situation where it will be contested and if it does, we are ready to defend ourselves in the court. The changes which will be enacted will be advantageous to the Kenyan game contrary to the popular belief that it will be shot down by members who understand well the ramifications of such a move,” said Mwendwa.

He said the bone of contention which is increasing the term limit of the incumbent to three terms of four years each was out of context and which should be understood.

“If you have been elected the chairman of the federation for the contentious term in the draft constitution, you cannot vie for the same seat in the federation save for that a NEC member and this is what many don’t understand and especially given that the AGM is the supreme arm of the federation which makes binding decisions,” he added.

Mwendwa says Fifa had already perused the draft and whatever proposal the world governing body comes up with, it will be automatically adopted failure to which no FKF election will be held before 2020.

He outlined some of the advantages of changing the draft including increasing the number of NEC delegates to 94 from the previous 78 and to have 48 counties out of the previous 47 after the splitting of Nairobi becoming members.

Other pros, Mwendwa stated, is having an-all inclusive set-up that will see more women representatives in NEC by increasing their number of votes and co-opting more sub-branches. In the new set-up, of one delegate each amongst the 94 who will be entitled to vote, 48 will be composed of branches, 18 from KPL clubs, 10 each from National Super League and Division 1 clubs five women clubs with referees, coaches and a player represented.

The 35-page draft constitution will be adopted by the current 77 delegates who are eligible to vote at the meeting. Should delegates go ahead and adopt the constitution, it will be in contravention of the Sports Act which stipulates that officials of all local sports federations will only enjoy a maximum of two terms in office, each term consisting four years.

Another issue causing discomfort is the proposal to make it mandatory for all NSL clubs to have five U20 players in their match day squad and ensure that at least one plays all 90 minutes in every match.

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