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Meaty lunches at Ole Sereni

Forget what the doctor ordered: When offered six meat cuts, all you can do is take off your jacket and dig in, writes FAITH KINEL

You probably already know my love for anything meaty, my favourite being goat meat. You could ask, why? I feel it has more flavour than the rest of the cuts. Recently, we had the pleasure to sample the New Express lunch menu at Eagle’s Steak House at Ole Sereni Hotel located at the end of the Southern bypass-Mombasa Road junction. I learnt that Ole Sereni is the Masaai word for Place of Tranquillity.

I love the brown hues of this restaurant, not forgetting the breath-taking view of Nairobi National Park it has to offer. It’s actually the perfect spot for a date, especially if you have done something wrong; she just might forgive you! Imagine a Friday afternoon hangout at the terrace overlooking the park with a bunch of foodies, good food and glasses of wine. I went in a hungry woman prepared to dig in.

Anytime I see a lot of food, I get overwhelmed, especially when it is “all you can eat” offer or a buffet. When you have an offer of six meat cuts, please take off your jacket and be ready to get ‘bodied’. We chose different types of meat such as the beef fillet, beef striploin, lamb, pork lollipops and beef topside, all from Farmer’s Choice. It was served with chips, onion rings salads and sauces.

I loved everything except the mutton, which I skipped because I really don’t like. I feel a distinct after-taste anytime I chew lamb meat. My favourite had to be the beef striploin and the fried sweet potatoes, which were lip-smacking.

The meat was mid-rare but tasty. I always go for the well-done option; don’t let the juices in mid-rare and the pink colour scare you that the meat is raw. Then there was the pork glazed in some barbecue sauce, so tender tearing into was as easy as slicing through a knob of butter. We took breaks in between to clean our pallets, but it reached a point my stomach couldn’t take it anymore.

So I choose to sip some wine and talk instead. Later, I had another opportunity to revisit the restaurant and try out a different choice from the a la carte menu. For starters, I took onion soup while for main course, I had the stuffed chicken served with rice.

For dessert, the cheesecake with the Guinness bread was sweet, buttery, moist and chewy. Usually, the classic Irish stout has a wonderful flavour and, with every bite of this bread, you can taste the Guinness; the tang is present but not that overpowering. The onion soup wasn’t bad, but I recommend the pumpkin soup because it never disappoints.

My colleague Eustace seemed to enjoy better than me; his starter was a salad with chunks of cheese. He opted for the stuffed boneless chicken for main course, with vegetables.

It was well done and creamy on the inside. Express Lunch at the Eagle Steak House consist of a two-course menu for Sh2,000 and a three-course set for Sh2,500. In case you are vegetarian, they have a few options in the a la carte menu.

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