Governor hosted son’s classmates day before he died

Barely 24 hours before he met his death, Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru hosted his son’s classmates at their Runda residence ahead of the Kenya Certificate of Education Examination (KCSE). It was his way best-wishes gesture for the Alliance High School students who joined more than 600,000 others for the National exam.

The late governor was set to attend an early-morning show at Kameme TV and his deputy Mutahi Kahiga says he had advised him to travel on Monday night instead of getting caught in the dawn rush. Nyeri County Assembly Speaker, John Kaguchia said he spoke a number of times with Gakuru on the unity of the county.

He added that Gakuru was to hold a meeting with his staff yesterday to advocate for harmonious work relations. This, he said, is after the late governor treated them to lunch on Monday at a Nyeri hotel.

He had also organised for a kamukunji on Friday to treat Members of the County Assembly to a goat-eating ceremony. “We feel very sad,” he said. In his Nyeri town, Ring Road estate home, the caretaker Mathew Mngesi was yet to come to terms with the news of his demise.

A seemingly confused Mngesi said the governor left the homestead at around 5.30 am, later than he had planned. Key among the plans lined up by Gakuru was to lobby for extension of the Standard Gauge Railway to Nanyuki through Nyeri and Murang’a.

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