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I’d rather ditch music than rival my bro

Briefly, describe DJ Stylez. He is a renowned entertainer who has been in the industry for almost two decades.

He is also an entrepreneur and owner of Code Red Unit, which he founded in 2002. Stylez has worked hard to be what he is today and it is because of his belief, passion and will that has given some of us the opportunities we enjoy currently. Some of the top DJs in Kenya, from DJ Dru to DJ Prime, DJ Creme, W-DJ, Mr Cee, Mr French, Leo Faya, DJ Kaytrixx, have all worked with him.

How has music impacted your careers as siblings?

For my brother and I, it has been everything. From a young age, we were exposed to various genres of music. We fell in love with the idea of what music could do for us and this far we have not regretted. From ideas to reality, we have soldiered on amidst many challenges.

How would you say DJ Stylez has continuously improved his profile over the years?

Not only is he a legend, but Stylez is also a brand. He has taken Kenya’s entertainment industry to a higher level. My brother has heavily participated in the growth and direction of the entire spectrum from events management, music creation and media involvement. He is proactive and committed to his work.

What has been the family’s reaction to the two of you being involved in music?

Fortunately for us, we have received incredible support from our family. We get a lot of advice from the family. The energy around there is immense and because of the love and appreciation, Stylez and I have thus ensured we do not disappoint those folks who believe in us.

Which lessons did Stylez pick along the way that he shares with you?

Just staying in touch; simple! He taught me to always go out of my way to observe and internalise different aspects of culture, trends and creative processes of the day. He always made it a point to remind me to stay original and not be a copycat (finding my style). Through him, I have learnt to be authentic and stay relevant despite emerging competition.

How has Stylez managed to handle challenges thrown his way?

Making art a profession was particularly difficult and he struggled, especially in the early days. He took his time to build a stable corporate structure and ensured his reputation was on top so as to sustain quality and professionalism with all his partners.

Apart from being brothers, what kind of relationship do you have?

Best friends any day. To cap that, Stylez is a man who keeps me focused and advises me a lot. We are tight and I have consulted him in most of my career and personal decisions. I consider myself lucky to have him around.

Would you consider him a rival?

No. It is good having him as a partner. In any event, and this is the honest truth, I would rather quit music than rival my own brother. That I consider absurd and senseless because he taught and built me.

If he were not into music, what do you believe Stylez would be up to?

A pilot. He has so much adrenaline in his system. After all, it is also a known fact that speed and machines are his thing.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt from your brother?

To be always calm. This is essential in making sound decisions in any aspect of life, family or business. That alone has opened some amazing doors for me.

What is it that people do not know about Stylez?

He likes order. I have never seen anyone who is as meticulous as Stylez. He is such a neat freak. His career has not been without beef and controversies.

How has he handled all this?

Like a boss, Stylez barely pays attention to such sideshows. He remains true to himself, thus it is easier for him to be in control of his surroundings. His focus is his life goals.

How do you guys deal with all the hype and attention?

I believe we have been able to take that in stride. He has taught me how to interact with the fans, appreciate them and leave a lasting impression.

Would you say his career has changed his way of life?

Most definitely. The fellow has built a name from scratch and has been in influential circles courtesy of his charisma and hard work. His reputation is something of an enigma and I must say it reflects a lot on me too. No matter where he goes, Stylez is accorded huge respect.

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