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Lobby group now calls for peace

Judy Akuma

The National Council of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO Council) in partnership with retired members of the disciplined forces have appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga to hold dialogue and give direction on the current political situation in the country.

Addressing a press conference at a Nairobi hotel today, the lobby group dubbed Global Veterans and Peace Ambassadors (GLOVEPA) Director John Mathenge said Kenya is bigger than any political party hence the President and the Opposition leader should urgently meet and give direction to Kenyans on where this country is headed without any divisions on political alignments.

“Kenya is bigger than NASA and Jubilee, President Kenyatta and NASA leader Odinga should sit down, discuss and see where we are headed as a country and give direction,” said Mathenge.

GLOVEPA also condemned secession calls by a section of leaders especially from the Kenyan Coast and formation of groups like National Resistance Movement (NRM) saying such outfits might have negative impacts on Kenyans.

“We have heard one side of the divide demanding that Kenyans be divided into two kingdoms, we have heard those from the Coast demanding secession of coastal region and we have seen formation of groups like NRM, all these is not good for the country and we appeal for the leaders to look for a lasting solution,” Mathenge stated.

He revealed that the organization has embarked on a mission across all the 47 counties to preach peace and called on all Kenyans to uphold peace to ensure the country remains united.

At the same time, the lobby group pointed out that, the current constitution provides an opening to the bill of rights as constituted in article 5 which allows peaceful demonstrations and picketing but it is being abused hence they called for a referendum to review the constitution.

“In our observation as retired officers of the disciplined services, we have observed this constitution being abused resulting to hate speech, killings, destruction of property, displacement of people and tribal divisions. We therefore call for the country to hold a referendum to review the same,” they urged.

NGO Council Chairman, Stephen Cheboi emphasized there is need for all Kenyans to uphold peace as it is for the good of all and his organization has partnered with GLOVEPA to champion for peace across the country.


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