British athletes in Kenya drugs scandal after ‘doc’ says they got EPO

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Three British athletes fear they may be dragged into a legal battle in Kenya after being named by a group of local men who have been charged with supplying performance-enhancing drugs.

The Kenyans include a doctor, Samson Talei, and two other men, Ken Kipchumba and Joseph Mwangi, who were arrested last year after being covertly recorded saying they supplied athletes, including the Britons, with banned drugs such as EPO.

The UK’s anti-doping agency, UKAD, have conducted a 14-month investigation into whether the three Britons had any involvement with the accused men, which, we can reveal, finished in August.

The alleged Kenyan suppliers remain charged with offences that are due to end in a court case, which police sources say will begin this year but prosecutors are unsure.

“We will be looking at the outcome of the case closely and expect the Kenyan authorities to share any relevant information with us,’ says Nicole Sapstead, UKAD’s chief executive.

The Mail on Sunday will not name the British athletes but their identities have been confirmed during our investigation in Kenya, including by the country’s anti-doping agency, and their names appear in Kenyan police interviews related to the case.

Investigators working for athletics’ world governing body, the IAAF, have found athletes are being tipped off before supposedly random tests. We have seen a signed copy of testimony by one prominent world record holder who admits this.

Talei was suspected of supplying “mid- to high-level Kenyan athletes with drugs”, a source says.     -DAILYMAIL        

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