HFIA, Britam offer medical cover with high age limit

 Housing Finance Insurance Agency (HFIA), a subsidiary of Housing Finance Group, has partnered with Britam to introduce a medical cover, Afyamed, which has a 75-year age limit.

According to the two firms, HFIA customers will access medical cover for as low as Sh20,000 annually for outpatient. The policy offers a minimum cover limit of Sh200,000 and a maximum limit of Sh5 million for inpatient cover.

HFIA Head of Business Development Francis Kinyanjui said most players in the medical insurance sector have capped their eligibility age to 60 years or lower thus leaving many older persons without medical cover.

“We have expanded this limit to cover clients as old as 75 years,” he said. “As people age, they become more vulnerable to a number of health conditions which they are forced to cater from their pockets resulting in financial strain,” said Kinyanjui.

Unlike most covers that require a mandatory medical evaluation prior to admission, Afyamed has waived this requirement making it convenient for consumers.

“Besides a waived admission criterion, Afyamed covers pre-existing, chronic conditions, HIV/Aids, cancer and organ transplant costs up to specified limits,” he said.

Afyamed is accessible in Kenya, South Sudan and Rwanda. The cover also caters for treatment in India or South Africa for ailments whose treatment is not available locally through a scheduled flight on reimbursement.

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