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Diddy changes name to Brother Love on 48th birthday

A year-older and possibly wiser? Guess only time will tell. What we do know though is that Diddy, has a new name. The constantly name-changing music mogul, who was born Sean John Combs, announced over the weekend he has once again tweaked his moniker—this time he’s moving from “Diddy” to “Love” or “Brother Love.”

In 1997, Sean was known as “Puff Daddy.” A year later, he went back to using Sean John. In 1999, he flipped the script and started going by “Puffy.” After that, he used “P Diddy” as his professional name and more recently he’s gone with the nickname “Diddy.”

In a Twitter video, the birthday boy wrote, “I decided to change my name again! My new name is LOVE aka Brother Love. #TakeDat.”

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