Meet Farhana Oberson, globetrotting vlogger

Farhana Oberson’s love for travelling started when she was five. By the time she was 18 years she was hooked.Her sojourn has taken her to many continents

Farhana Oberson’s fascination with travel began at an early age. Family outings to the swimming pools turned into vacations to the beach, which turned into trips to faraway lands overseas.

From humble beginnings come great things, and it’s the little moments that have made travel so impactful for the 23-year-old.

At the age of five, Farhana’s mother was determined to get her to travel widely and kept challenging little Farhana to do it alone. One time at the age of 18, she took up the challenge and travelled to Canada alone, to meet up with relatives on the other side.

Little did she know that taking up the challenge was the best deal she would ever make, as it jolted her adventurous spirit.

“I remember being so scared that I’d get lost between transits,” Farhana says.  In 2014, Farhana left for Malaysia to pursue a degree in Business Administration at Taylor University. College started off well, and as routine, she would travel alone.

Wanderlust had been ignited in Farhana from a rather young age although she had never taken up solo travelling until her second year in college.

“With immense encouragement from my parents yet again, I took a solo vacation to Langkawi Island in Malaysia where I spent two nights and three days exploring the place alone,” she says.

Farhana insists, the day she set off on a plane to Langkawi was the day her life changed forever. It was official – she was a travel junkie.
“I had the absolute time of my life. I fell in love with meandering through the streets of the unknown cities, uncovering the secrets of each new culture I encountered and opening myself up to new experiences. I felt like I was seeing the world through a new set of eyes,” she says. 

Then an idea struck, she wanted to document her experiences and share with friends.

“Welcome to my channel rafiki (friend),” is the introducton on her YouTube vlog. You will end up watching 10 videos when you start watching one event on her travel vlog – Farhan Oberson. Her travel stories are so inspiring, you feel like leaving your home forever  to travel the world. 

So far, Farhana has travelled to Switzerland, Oman, Italy, Canada, Egypt and of course, Malaysia, among other countries.

Even so, she insists that she uses her YouTube channel to only showcase the various sights, sceneries and eat-out joints in Kenya and, especially the coastal town. Through the channel dubbed #rafikisquad, Farhana seeks to “spread happiness” and publicise the little known sites in Mombasa.

“So how did you start travel vlogging?” is the most frequent question people ask. We’re also curious how it all began.

“I’ve wanted to start a vlog for years, but not some half-baked project. I wanted it to be full of pertinent travel info, funny situations with comic relief, pretty clips and my personality. I wanted it to be a place where I share my memories and thoughts during my excursions as well as report on things I saw and places I went to. Feelings and facts. I wanted it to be an extension of who I am while also entertaining my  viewers,” she says.

Two years ago, she decided to take the plunge and document every place she visited in Mombasa, where she’s currently based.

“The expereince has been my most memorable travel moment to date,” she says.

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