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The park between

About 200 metres from the intersection of Limuru Road and the Northern Bypass stands Sahara West Park Hotel, built as if to border the leafy high-end Runda Estate and the Ruaka market.

Just like the legendary Honia River whose location was contested by Makuyu and Kameno in Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s popular novel The River Between, Sahara West often sparks dissensions on its location among residents of Ruaka and Runda, with both wanting to claim ownership. From Nairobi CBD, Sahara West is about 30 minutes drive on an average speed, and given the smooth nature of Limuru Road, it might even take lesser time.

The place is popularly known for stocking its own flock of sheep and goats for slaughter, owing to the large number of guests who frequent the place. Just as we check in, we are notified that Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu aka Baba Yao, had also just checked in to grab some lunch, as the spot is one of his favourite joints. The entrance is along the edge of carefully trimmed lawns.

Against the sunlight, the lawn’s attractive chartreuse colour demands a second look. The hotel offers conference facilities, wedding gardens and reception facilities, among other services. Some of its features though, are amazingly eye-catching.

One of the most exciting things here are the gardens. Lined across a slope and surrounded by trees and shrubs, they literally make fresh oxygen part of the menu. For guests who check in wanting to have a haircut, the services are offered there, which nullifies the need for what might be a tedious search elsewhere.

The barbershop provides a variety of professional services besides stylish haircuts. With an operational bar that stocks all manner of beverages such as beer, wines, whisky, vodka and variety of soft and fruit drinks, this place ensures that all categories of drinkers are well taken care of. The hotel’s menu is a mix of local and international cuisines and may leave one spoilt for choice.

For me, a roasted mutton, well marinated with herbs was my preference during the visit. For the hydrophilic type, the hotel has two swimming pools; a deep and a shallow one.

Swimming has proven to be a good cardiovascular exercise besides the fun associated with it. With its close proximity to arguably East Africa’s largest shopping mall, Two Rivers, Sahara West offers a good pre-shopping retreat.

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