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Fame can take a toll on marriage

Fame can take a toll on marriage, but sometimes the unravelling of love is fast and furious. These star couples may have been head over heels when they tied the knot, but they were incredibly quick about untying it, expounds Spice Team

Recently, Ugandan bongo star, Lady Jaydee revealed that she does not intend to get married again. The songstress, who divorced her husband of 11 years over irreconcilable differences, now believes that not all relationships should end in marriage.

Just the other day, Tanzanian stud Diamond Platnumz found himself answering for baby mamas scandals after video vixen, Hamisa Mobeto announced that he is the father of her latest baby. This caused weeks of drama for the singer’s wife and mother of his two children, Zari Hassan, who was on the receiving end of social media’s hate.

Diamond amidst the drama came out and accepted the child, even went to court to settle for co-parenting with Hamisa. To the surprise of many, his wife, Zari, forgave him and the two even went away to Zanzibar for a vacay.

A case of star-crossed lovers?

Marriage counsellor Marion Shadesh, expounds that there are four major reasons celebrities often find themselves in heartbreaking ‘situationships’. First of all, time. According to Marion, most celebrity relationships wither out because the couple is too busy to spend time together. “With tours, special appearances and events booked back to back, it’s hard for celebs to find time for each other.

This, in turn, brings frustration, which eventually turns into being okay with not seeing each other for long periods of time. Failure to treat the relationship as a priority has cost many their partners. For Diamond and Zari, the estrangement could have been ignited by their tough schedules.” 254 was stunned to learn its celebrity couple Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo had parted ways.

The celebrity couple had a highly-publicised wedding, with honeymoons all over the globe. Unfortunately for this pair, happily ever after only lasted six months, with the rumour mill citing infidelity.

“Ego has tipped the dominos for many a celebrity couple. Take the recent case of Diamond and Zari. The Tanzanian star was lucky Zari didn’t leave him after he shamelessly stated he only sleeps with her and leaves because she is of loose morals. That he got away with Hamisa’s pregnancy after that highly insulting stunt is yet a topic for discussions,” adds Marion.

All is fair in love and war

There is a thin line between love and hate, and no couple resonated this sentiment more than celebrated hypeman DNG and ex Yvette. The pair met in Dubai, and as with all love stories, were awestruck, which led to nuptials early 2015.

The fairy tale, unfortunately, as with many celebrity relationships, soon fizzled after the honeymoon. DNG took the war to social media, spewing hate messages and going as far as to wipe away their social media histrory by deleting pictures of them together.

Unfortunately common

The world of celebrity relationships is one painted scandalous, often shortened by promiscuity and slander. Crude, but perhaps a reality that is slowly settling into the global entertainment industry. Marion also highlights ego as another toxic ingredient in most celeb relationships. For Marion, ego is often ignited by different career growth patterns for each partner.

She says, “Celebrities do not have the luxury to grow a life together. One deal could completely change the life of one person in the relationship. If you don’t grow together, you grow apart.”

Relationship expert, Andrea Syrtash, also adds her two cents saying that many celebrities don’t consider that falling in love feels different from being in love. After a few years with one person, our brains literally change and we settle into a much more predictable and stable state together.

This is normal, but may concern someone who wants to chase the giddy rush of new love. And while 254, as the rest of the world is plagued but its many failed celebrity marriages, such as Prezzo and Daisy Kiplagat, who were married for three years to Abbas Kubaf and Baby Gangster, who called it quits 10 months down the line, there are still pairings who make us, believe in happily ever after. Pairings such as Nameless and Wahu, to name but a few, have grown into powerful partners in the industry.

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