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KCB target Impala Floodlits ahead of Kenya Cup season

Gibo Zachary @peoplesport11

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) team manager Ronney Kangeta is certain his side has what it takes to reclaim the Impala Floodlits as this year’s tournament kicks off this weekend at the Impala Grounds.

The bankers have their last year’s 33-32 bitter and heartbreaking defeat to holders and hosts Resolution Impala Saracens still vivid and fresh in their memories and as the tournament’s 36th edition is nearing, Kangeta says that last year’s loss was a bitter pill to swallow and this year is an opportune time for them to correct the wrongs and reclaim the title, they have won multiple times.

“Yes Impala Floodlit is here with us and we still have the pain from losing last year’s final to Impala with a very small margin, anyway we overcame that and moved on,” Kangeta says.

“Our target will be to win back Floodlit trophy, after missing out on the KRU 7s target, and also to give our 15s players a run out after being in the cold for a while,” added the team manager.

KCB have their work cut as they seek to reclaim the trophy and they begin their journey to excellence in the quarter-finals on Saturday against minnows and newbies Resolution Kisii RFC and though on paper, the bankers have a relatively an easy opponent en route to the last four teams, but Kangeta is cautious and says that every team in this competition is worth it and will give each game maximum respect it deserves.

“We will not take Kisii for granted and will give them the respect they deserve, we plan to take each game at a time and hopefully make it to the finals,” he said. Being a precursor to the new Kenya Cup season, Kangeta says, it’s going to be a long and difficult season, considering the league’s format changes and it’s competitive and wants to take the floodies seriously to help the team prepare, gauge themselves as they ready to defend both Kenya Cup and Enterprise Cup.

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