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Builders tipped on fire risks

Real estate developers and contractors have been urged to seek opinion of fire fighters while putting up buildings to help save lives during emergencies.

Kenya National Fire Brigades Association secretary general Francis Omolo said fire fighters’ opinion is crucial during construction of a building as they give crucial standards to be implemented to help rescue lives or stop fires as soon as they happen.

“For example, school dormitory doors should swing both ways or open to the outside and should be huge enough to allow escape of 40 individuals per minute,” said Omolo.

Speaking on Tuesday during a five-day fire training organised by Africa Fire Mission, Omollo said the county government of Kiambu is set to host a fire academy aiming at educating volunteers about firefighting and current technologies. “The training will equip fire fighters with knowledge to deal with fire outbreaks.

With enough fire fighters safety is guaranteed,” said Omolo. Africa Fire Mission founder and executive director David Moore said they ventured in to training to help reduce or stop fire tragedies.

“Stopping fires is achievable if we train everyone in the community. Different communities require different number of fire fighters,” said Moore. Moore said there are programmes to equip young learners with knowledge in firefighting knowledge.

“The Kenya government lacks enough fire fighters, has inadequate apparatus and lacks training programmes to help communities stop fires. Better equipment and personnel assures saving billions of shillings and helps save lives. Therefore, the government should invest more in fire engines,” said Moore.

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