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Clerics want premier post for Raila

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has proposed a constitutional amendment to expand the Executive to accommodate a Prime Minister and two deputy prime ministers position.

The council also called for the restoration of Leader of the Opposition and his deputy in Parliament “to have an inclusive government and bridge national divisions”. NCCK General-Secretary Rev Canon Peter Karanja said that, the state of the nation after the October 26 presidential repeat presidential poll has left Kenya hurting.

The council expressed concern over the national divisions and grievances brought by the contested election in which Uhuru Kenyatta won with an overwhelming majority after Nasa led by Raila Odinga boycotted.

“This has greatly strained our national unity, and exposed the country to inter-ethnic conflicts which exposes the country to anarchy,” said Rev Karanja, who was accompanied by Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit among other clergy. The cleric said the divisions are expressions of unresolved grievances and perception of exclusion of the opposition by the 2010 Constitution.

“We note and support the calls for dialogue by all actors to resolve this underlying problem that cannot be resolved through elections,” he said adding that the council appreciates the willingness by the President-elect to reach out to the leadership of the opposition for dialogue. “We urge that this dialogue is expanded into a national conversation that includes all Kenyans so as to harness our diversities,” he said.

To supplement the dialogue, Rev Karanja said NCCK calls for the consideration of a constitutional amendment through Parliament. The Prime minister and deputies positions which can be ascribed other names would sit in the Cabinet and may answer questions in Parliament, they suggested.

“This is not a call for nusu mkate or coalition government and we are not an extension of the Opposition because they had proposed the same,” he said and urged those aggrieved by the poll to petition in the Supreme Court. “NCCK recognises the electoral agency on Tuesday declared Uhuru Kenyatta as the President-elect in line with their constitutional mandate,” he said.

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