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Sandra Wekesa

Tell us about your childhood.

We were born and raised in Kibomet village, Kitale. Terryanne is the third born in a family of five children; three girls and two boys. We are from a humble home, our father, who is now deceased, had a road accident that left him paralysed at the height of his career when he was a curator at the Kitale National Museums of Kenya. He passed on in 1998.

We have lots of pleasant memories, but Terryanne was pretty reserved in her younger years; she was the tender child in our home. She always escaped the hard chores and was mostly assigned house duties and I believe it is because of this that she has a lot of skill in interior décor.

How did she end up in media?

It’s something that she always wanted. After her secondary education at St Bridget’s Girls High School in 1997, she did a diploma in TV and radio production, public relations and advertising at the now defunct School of Information and Advertising from 2001 to 2004.

She did her internship at KBC and stayed for a while until she got a job there as a TV producer. Among the most enjoyable of her days, was when she had to juggle between being an actress at Phoenix Theatre, school and work at KBC.

Describe her career progression?

She started off at KBC in 2004, then moved to CNBC Africa, Citizen TV, then to K24 for a short period and returned to Citizen TV. She is currently focusing on her businesses.

Tell us her business, Keyara Organics

It is a natural skin care product line. The dream was born after she struggled, looking for natural skincare brands for her daughter, Imani, who had eczema. The natural products were rare to find and not consistent on the shelves.

Therefore, she saw a gap. She officially launched her product last year. Some of the products include shea butter, shea oils, mango butter, marula oil and many others.

She also runs another outfit, which is a 360 degree communications firm, Scarlet Digital, with key strengths being digital (Web Development, SEO, Blogging ) and social media, marketing communications, content creation, public relations and brand strategy.

Considering she did her undergraduate when she had already made it in her life, what has made her be who she is today?

Yes, she enrolled for her IBA – International Business Adminstration- Marketing at United States International University 2010, but had to defer her classes in 2014, before going back a year later. But Terryanne has made it because of her passion.

When she makes a decision to do something she gives it her best. Her talents have also given a big boost because she has carved her career based on what she is good at, business. This makes her do her job or activities with ease. Terryanne also takes criticism positively and this has made her to get better and better.

She has made a name for herself because she dared to dream that she can. She once had so much under her sleeve; business, journalism, education and family. How did she manage all that and yet remained successful in everything?

Terryanne had a busy life. I also kept asking her how she does it. When she was on TV, her days started early and ended late. She hardly had time for anything else yet she was able to start her business, Keyara Organics and Scarlet Digital. I believe her passion kept her going.

She is good at networking. Tell us about it.

She has worked on developing herself in this area, taking time to do online studies on the same. She is social and does not discriminate against anyone. She has an open spirit and it makes her blend well with people. She knows how to position herself right in whatever environment and that is what has made her successful.

She has kept herself as a brand. How has she done this and what advice would you give people about branding themselves.

It matters to her what people think and view her and she lives to protect that image that she has in society. My advice is that, you can be better if you build yourself to what you want. The first step is know what you want and identify yourself with someone who has excelled in the field you are pursuing.

Study on how to improve your image, there is so much information on the Internet. Don’t make promises that you cannot keep, be honest and this will make people trust you always and they will find you dependable.

What’s her living mantra and explain how it defines and shapes her life and day-to-day activities.

Stretch your limits, there is so much inside of us and we will never know until you try. That thing you fear most is what you should do. Fear is the enemy of progression, she says, and I have learnt a lot from her.

She has been a single mother and welcomed her second baby last week. So, is there a man in her life?

That is her personal life. I can’t really comment on that.

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